The Denver Journal of Education and Community

The Denver journal has been publishing quality legal articles for over forty years. Founded in 1888, it has published the work of prominent scholars and practitioners, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, noted constitutional law scholar Erwin Chemerinsky, and consumer advocate Ralph Nader. The journal actively seeks submissions from professors, practitioners, and judges. It also publishes a podcast periodically. A subscription to the Denver journal is recommended.

Interested students should apply to the Denver Journal of Education and Community. The application process typically begins in the spring semester. Students who are traditional students must complete candidacy at the end of their first year, while transfer students can start writing before the fall semester. As a candidate, you will have the opportunity to publish articles, participate in the law review’s editorial process, and complete a written case comment, leadership exercise, and Bluebook editing exercise.Click herew for more information about  4 Tips on Dog Training

Review articles are another aspect of the Denver Journal. These can include essays on the current state of studies, annotated bibliographies, and extensive reviews of a particular work of significance. Reviews are generally 500-800 words in length and are organized by major fields of biblical and theological studies. Book notes are 100-200-word summaries of books. The journal also publishes book notes that describe recent books and publications in key fields of theology.

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