Education in the Developing World

As the population of the developing world has increased, so has the percentage of children attending school. Before the 19th century, only a few boys attended school. By the early 21st century, the literacy rate among young people had increased by more than 50 percent, and more girls were attending school than ever. But the achievement of universal primary education has been accompanied by a learning crisis around the world. A World Bank report found that nearly half of all low-income children in developing countries cannot read a simple story. This situation has resulted in a growing crisis of educational equity and education inequality in the developing world.

Formal education includes both the formal and informal aspects of education. Formal education involves systematic teaching methods and is provided by specially trained teachers. The curriculum is planned, the methods used to teach different subjects are deliberate, and the teacher and student are actively engaged. Informal education can also be inclusive of parent-taught education. The term can also refer to adult literacy education. Informally-based learning involves various forms of learning and are as varied as a child’s home life, sports, and extracurricular activities.

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In some cases, the AGO framework provides a framework for the study of education, but this framework often skips over the aims, goals, and objectives. While the AGO framework does reflect the dynamic between theory and practice, it often becomes the prime preoccupation of educators. As a result, education is dominated by those who hold the power, excluding those of the lower class. Therefore, in schools, teachers assume that their students are members of the dominant class, implying that they have experienced a similar lifestyle at home. Some children are expected to help their parents after school, carrying the domestic responsibilities of their homes.

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