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Design for Conversion

Good design is essential for conversion. It reduces anxiety and can even solve customer concerns. For example, a great design can address concerns about the material, the return policy, and whether the product can be tried out before purchase. These are all issues that a good design must address to convert a prospect into a paying customer. A product or service that makes a consumer anxious is likely not the right one for a company. Design for conversion is the opposite of a product that encourages anxiety.

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Consumers are wary of fake brands. Therefore, the best way to attract and retain customers is to create a design that stands out and is memorable to them. For this, brands should consistently use their brand’s colors, fonts, icons, and voice. Consistency in the use of these elements will help in building trust and brand recognition. Another important design consideration is making good use of white space. This does not necessarily have to be white; it can be any color or pattern or even a subtle photo background.

Another design element that is universally applicable is the use of lines. Lines can be long, short, dotted, horizontal, thick, or solid. They can also represent the message you’re trying to convey. Lines also create an effective visual hierarchy. For example, a logo is made from a pattern of thick and thin lines. Likewise, a Facebook logo is a good example of a line. It’s obvious that social sharing buttons should be strategically placed.

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