Banana-Peeling Robot

A robotic team at the University of Tokyo in Japan has developed a system for peeling bananas. The robot has already been trained by performing hundreds of banana peelings. Now it is time to get the robot to perform tasks around the home. The research team hopes the new robot can eventually replace human workers. It will help in various domestic tasks, such as cleaning and cooking. In Japan, this technology is already in use in factories and farms.

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The banana peeling machine consists of at least three members, each of which has a blade and a gripping face. These members are spaced in such a way that the distance between their respective gripping faces is the narrowest. The cutting means, located at or near the narrowest gap, is positioned so that the banana’s skin is sliced longitudinally. The banana-peeling robot has a drive means that enables it to move each member to engage the banana.

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The Japanese researchers who developed the robot have now released a video showing the robot performing the task successfully. The robot peels bananas with the help of machine learning algorithms. The researchers trained the robot to peel the fruit without bruising the fruit inside. The robot was able to learn the task within 13 hours. However, it only succeeded 57% of the time. It is still far from perfect but it is a step in the right direction.

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